Evolution: The Whole Story par Steve Parker

January 23, 2020

Evolution: The Whole Story par Steve Parker

Titre de livre: Evolution: The Whole Story

Auteur: Steve Parker

Broché: 576 pages

Date de sortie: August 31, 2015

ISBN: 050029173X

Éditeur: Thames and Hudson Ltd

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Steve Parker avec Evolution: The Whole Story

Evolution: The Whole Story contains everything you need to know about the development and survival of life on Earth. Each chapter of this accessible and lavishly illustrated book takes a major living group and presents thematic essays discussing the evolution of particular subgroups as they appeared on Earth with reference to detailed comparative anatomy, evolutionary legacies, and the breakthrough theories of eminent scientists. Accompanying the essays are amazing photographic features that investigate the characteristics of individual organisms in detail: in some, remarkable fossils, assembled skeletons, and lifelike reconstructions are presented and analyzed; while in others, living species are depicted and compared in detail to their direct ancestors, creatures that may have lived millions of years ago.