Silk in Africa (Fabric Folios) par Chris Spring, Julie Hudson

June 18, 2019

Silk in Africa (Fabric Folios) par Chris Spring, Julie Hudson

Titre de livre: Silk in Africa (Fabric Folios)

Auteur: Chris Spring, Julie Hudson

ISBN: 0714125636

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Chris Spring, Julie Hudson avec Silk in Africa (Fabric Folios)

Paperback. Pub the Date: July. 2002 in Publisher: itish Museum Press of The rich and diverse range of silk textiles from Africa is an unexpected revelation. This book focuses on over thirty pieces from the itish Museum's spectacular collection. inging together for the first time the highly distinctive traditions of silk weaving and emoidery from throughout the African continent. These range from textiles commissioned by royalty and high-ranking officials. such as the striking cloths of the Asante (Ghana) or gowns from Ethiopia encrusted with gold. to less prestigious but no less glorious pieces such as a multicoloured Merina burial shroud from Madagascar. As a pattern sourcebook the reader will find inspiration for striking colour and tonal combinations as well as myriad ideas for using stripes. geometrics and stylized figurative motifs.In their introduction the authors ing ...

"Over 100 beautiful colour photographs grace the pages of this small book... high value at low cost."
--Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot, Summer 2004