Hip Lounging Japan par Ellen Nepilly

September 18, 2019

Hip Lounging Japan par Ellen Nepilly

Titre de livre: Hip Lounging Japan

Auteur: Ellen Nepilly

Broché: 192 pages

Date de sortie: June 1, 2008

ISBN: 981245490X

Éditeur: Page One Publishing Private

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Ellen Nepilly avec Hip Lounging Japan

HIP Lounging Japan showcases avant-garde and hip lounge designs in Japan. With the raising popularity of bars, lounges, cafes and teahouses worldwide, there is an undeniable need for visual inspirations for this new found trendy lounge culture. Always at the forefront of design, Japanese designers have enticed the most discerning and sophisticated clientele with their mastery in lighting, sensuous themes and experiential drama. The immaculately choreographed works selected address the latest in trends and lounge culture. HIP Lounging Japan sets inself at the forefront of visual lounging experiences. Printed in full colour, the book contains visually stunning interiors of the newest designs, accompanied by inspiring images and introductory texts.