The Red Storm Series Box Set: Books One - Three (English Edition) par James Rosone

May 23, 2019

The Red Storm Series Box Set: Books One - Three (English Edition) par James Rosone

Titre de livre: The Red Storm Series Box Set: Books One - Three (English Edition)

Auteur: James Rosone

Broché: 1043 pages

Date de sortie: April 21, 2018

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James Rosone avec The Red Storm Series Box Set: Books One - Three (English Edition)

Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Authors, James Rosone and Miranda Watson, are the authors of the Red Storm series. This box set contains the first three books of this page-turning geopolitical military thriller.

*Book One: Battlefield Ukraine

Why do wars really start?

In “Battlefield Ukraine,” all the usual suspects are hard at work: battles over resources, money, and miscommunication.

This novel explores a potential war between NATO and Russia over the fate of the separatist regions in eastern Ukraine…you’ll hope this realistic scenario doesn’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Lines have been drawn in the sand, but how firm are they? Will the massive disinformation campaign by the Russians trick the new administration to do their bidding?

“Battlefield Ukraine” is the first book in this riveting Red Storm military thriller series. If you like force-on-force battles filled with hair-raising action and geopolitical chess, you’ll love Rosone and Watson’s opening installment.

Will the new American president back down, or will the world creep one step closer towards global war? Grab your copy and find out.

*Book Two: Battlefield Korea

Just how devastating would a war with North Korea be?

“Battlefield Korea” picks up in the middle of a brewing global conflict, as the Chinese look to capitalize on Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil war. The surprise attack there has NATO in chaos. False headlines barrage the internet, and the war in Ukraine seems all but lost. Will this distraction keep America from intervening in Asia?

When the Chinese begin to provide the North Korean regime with additional fuel, hard currency, and weapons, will America still be able to honor its treaty obligations in Asia? Or will the US have to concede the new reality of Greater China and a unified, nuclear-armed Korean peninsula? Find out in this gripping sequel of the Red Storm Series.

*Book Three: Battlefield Taiwan

The fate of Taiwan hangs in the balance.

If it falls to the Chinese, they will be one step closer to dominating all of Asia. Japan, Thailand, the Philippines--no one is safe from their hostile takeover.

While North Korea no longer poses a significant threat, the incursions there have greatly weakened the United States military force. Will the President’s draft and retooling of the economy move swiftly enough to make a victory possible? Or will America’s resources be stretched so thin that Europe and Asia will both be lost?

"Battlefield Taiwan" is the highly anticipated third book in the Red Storm geopolitical military thriller series. If you like pulse-pounding combat scenes, rich characters, and unpredictable twist and turns, you’ll love James Rosone and Miranda Watson’s newest addition to the series.

Uncover some of the deeper threads that have been woven in Russia and China’s master plot. Will they be able to pull India into their web? Will China’s new techno-communism become the new world order? Or will the United States find a way to reunite a fractured Europe and break free of the relentless attacks? Grab your copy of this box set and find out.